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Alien War is the 28mm (1/56th Scale) Sci-Fi Miniatures game from Defiance Games. TheAlien War universe is projected from modern day and historical entities on Earth. The setting is supposed to be reasonably realistic in terms of technology and political conflict. One of the basic tenents of the game is that there are two sides to most every force - a good and a bad side. There are no true good guys - every force has their own interests at heart.

This wiki is to track all of the published canon details of the Alien War universe.

Alien War: Humanity RisingEdit

The year is 2260 and mankind has begun its exodus from Earth to the stars. Roughly a 100LY sphere centered on Earth has been explored. A period of intense nationalism has begun as each nation grabs for its share of habitable planets and their resources. Conflict is inevitable, both among the forces of man and with the many aliens mankind has begun to encounter.

Most of the aliens encountered so far are less advanced than humans. Indigenous sentient aliens come in different levels of tech - from the very primitive stone age types all the way up to 20th century equivalent technology. Of course, many have adopted human technology to propel their societies forward (at least technically) and many have struck out from their own homeworlds to explore what human space has to offer. National militaries - especially the infamous Legion Etrangere - even include aliens in their forces.

Nations, Colonies and ForcesEdit

Humanity remains balkanized and fractioned, despite their conquest of nearby space. None of the alien species they've encountered so far is as advanced and widespread as they are.

Core forces are those forces that have significant impact on the setting, and multiple box sets planned or available.

Edge forces are those forces that have a much lesser impact on the setting, and only 1-2 box sets planned or available.

Human ForcesEdit

The most advanced and widespread race in the vicinity of Earth, humans control the majority of forces seen in Alien War.

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A short list of important, and well known planets and systems. For a full list of known planets, see here



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